The Welsh Cariboo Adventure


A six-part history-inspired travelogue in which a group present-day Welshman follow in the footsteps of "The Company of Welsh Adventurers" - a group of Welsh miners who left home for the gold fields of the Cariboo, BC gold rush. 

In December 1862, a group of 26 miners calling themselves "The Company of Welsh Adventurers" left Wales and travelled to British Columbia to try their luck in the Cariboo Gold Rush. Led by the formidable former army officer John Evans of Machynlleth, and financed by Manchester cotton manufacturer Henry Beecroft Jackson, the men recovered only $450 worth at a cost of over $26,000. The series will see a group of contemporary Welshman retracing the journey to find out what went wrong, and discover whether the miner's fared as badly as history records. 

A six-part light documentary series, The Welsh Cariboo Adventure sees a group of modern-day Welshmen following the Adventurers from Evans' starting point in Victoria Harbour, travelling up the Fraser River from Vancouver to join the Cariboo Wagon Road at the appropriately-named town of Hope. The journey is inspired by John Evan’s first-hand account, the diary of the Company’s youngest member Henry Jones, and the letters of Company member Benjamin Conway.  The Welsh Cariboo Adventure series will be a Welsh-Canadian co-production, exploring the Cariboo Trail and its history, but will also contrast the accounts of life during the Cariboo Gold Rush with life in Canada today.