About Seraphim Pictures

What’s in a Name?

The Seraphim (“burning ones”) are the highest order of beings in traditional angelology, and feature in all three of the Abrahamic religions. The word derives from the singular “seraph” (to burn) or else “saraph” (serpent) in Ancient Hebrew. We chose the ardour and passion with which we carry out our work, but also because the word Seraphim, derived from both singular words, can also arguably be translated as “fiery flying serpent”, and a fiery flying serpent would be a dragon, which coincidentally is the national symbol of Wales, the country of our origin! 

A Little History

From humble origins creating short films, corporate movies and covering arts events in South Wales, the company grew through visits to Hollywood and the Festival de Cannes to encompass feature film and documentary productions, short form entertainment and web series for streaming platforms. Today Seraphim Pictures is headquartered in Cardiff, South Wales, with plans to open a branch office in Hollywood during the second quarter of 2025. 

The Company Logo

Having gone through various iterations featuring religious iconography, in 2011 the company directors engaged graphic artist Dale Jordan Johnson of Riverghost Designs to create a new logo to accompany the release of its short film The Final Punchline. The logo features a six-winged angelic figure, alternatively stood above or beside the company name, and takes pride of place as part of our company ident. 

The Company Ident

The re-brand that followed the design of the current company logo eventually led to the redesign of the company ident to coincide with our tenth anniversary in 2016. The ident, which features on our homepage, was developed by Daniel Lyddon following the design and colour scheme created by Dale Jordan Johnson. The clip, which now precedes all of our productions, sees the six-winged Seraphim zooming towards the screen through a star-flecked nebula before the company name fades in followed by an underscoring lens flare. The ident is accompanied by a fanfare scored by Goldsmith Award-winning film composer George Kallis.

Ident 2021 mp4.mp4

The Road Ahead

The film industry has changed significantly since 2006. Streaming platforms, mobile tech and advancements in audio-visual equipment have created opportunities for production and distribution that simply didn’t exist when the company was formed. Moving into the future, Seraphim Pictures will be making full use of those opportunities in the development of both feature-length and short-form content across varying genres. The fourth quarter of 2021 saw the Company launch a white-labeled online sales platform, a collaboration with Singapore-based Vuulr, to sell content worldwide all year long. 2024 and beyond will see Seraphim Pictures exploring the app space with an R&D project focused on production software.