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New Office Location

Cardiff - March 2024

As of March 1st, 2024, Seraphim Pictures has relocated to 1 Capital Quarter in Cardiff's Central Business District. This location will serve as the Company's head office, handling admin and business development, with productions filmed in hired studio space or on location. 

Capital Quarter is a 10-acre mixed use commercial development comprising office space, hotels, student housing, and retail premises. The Company's new neighbours include Banc - The Development Bank of Wales, Public Health Wales, and Audit Wales. 

Less than a 10-minute walk from Cardiff Central Railway Station and the City Centre, the location is ideal for meetings with creatives in the city! The new office address and contact details can be found on the contact page.

Sustainability Mixer & Immersive Sound Showcase

London - February 2024

Company Director Daniel Lyddon spent a few days in London this February, with three networking sessions, and a mixer event held at 180 The Strand focusing on Sustainability in the Creative Industries. Following last year's sustainability training, and the launch of the Screen New Deal in Wales, it was good to see the ripples being made in sustainable production in the creative industries in Wales reaching out across the country.

The trip also afforded the chance to attend the SphereTrax Immersive Sound experience at Dolby Laboratories in Soho Square, to discover how the SphereTrax platform is using Assistive AI to help producers source music from composers. Listening to soundtrack options in Dolby Atmos from the centre of the sound bubble at the Dolby Screening room was an experience similar to first listening to surround sound back in the early 90's!

SphereTrax is certainly delivering a next-level service to both creatives and the companies working with them. You can sogn up to the SphereTrax platform and listen to sample music with this link.

Media Cymru Ideas Lab 2024 Workshops

Cardiff - January 2024

January saw the launch of Media Cymru's Innovation Pipeline for 2024, beginning with Ideas Lab week held at PDR in Cardiff. The Pipeline is a combination of targeting funding round and training opportunities for both businesses and individuals working in creative media in Wales. 

Delivered in partnership with PDR and the Alacrity Foundation, the workshops were an inspiring introduction to innovation for creative businesses, encouraging creatives to use iterative thinking processes when developing ideas for new products and services to find solutions to issues that the media sector is currently facing.

Beyond this, the workshops were a great platform to test out ideas, experiment with different research methods, and gain valuable feedback from the 2024 cohort on the viability of everyone's ideas. The training was ideal for any media sector startup, so for those who missed out on this year's workshops, it's definitely worth keeping an eye on the Media Cymru website for the 2025 workshop dates when they are announced at the end of this year!

BAFTA Production Summit 2023

Cardiff Bay - November 2023

This year's BAFTA Albert Production Summit on Sustainability was held at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay. The day was both productive and inspiring, with a series of presentations outlining the efforts being made by the production industries in Wales to implement low carbon sustainable production techniques. The Summit coincided with the launch of the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales, which you can read about with this link.

It was great to see the film and broadcast industries coming together in South Wales to discuss the challenges we're facing and share ideas on how to change and develop the way that we work! Producers were given a lot of food for thought, as well as Locally-Sourced Sustainable Catering with a full Vegan Menu. 

Creative Crossroads Seminar

Cardiff Bay - November 2023

This month, the Institute of Welsh Affairs hosted the Creative Crossroads Seminar at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, sponsored by Cymru Creadigol / Creative Wales. The day-long event was dedicated to discussing wellbeing and sustainability, and provided an opportunity to learn about the issues affecting the wider creative industries in Wales (not just the film industry) and learn from those pushing for change and already making a difference to working practices.

The event also gave freelancers and small businesses the chance to feed back to Wesh Government reps and creative industry organisations on the issues we're currently experiencing and how we might make improvements to the sector as a whole.

Trade Unlocked Conference

Birmingham - June 2023

This month saw the Trade Unlocked conference at the NEC in Birmingham, a brand new national conference in the UK intending to bridge the gap between business and politics, creating a platform for businesses from all industry sectors to communicate with politicians and industry stakeholders.

Much was said about the way forward for International Trade and UK Politics, and how the country can possibly move on following next year's General Election, with plenty of opportunity for businesses to recommend the changes needed to boost trade and grow the economy.

Company Director Daniel Lyddon attended with the support of Trade Unlocked's SME Access Programme, which is worth checking out for future events. Although politicians from opposition parties were in attendance at the event, the absence of members of the UK Government who were invited to attend, was noted by many at the Conference.

Screen New Deal Wales Training

Cardiff - April 2023

The Screen New Deal Transformation Plan for Wales proposes a road map to transform the screen industries in Wales into a zero-carbon, zero-waste industry sector. Training was provided by BAFTA Albert this April at the new BBC Cymru Wales headquarters in the centre of Cardiff to inform industry stakeholders of the core recommendations that the Plan seeks to implement between now and 2030.

Attendees discussed the provision of clean energy to power sets and locations, options to reduce fuel emissions on film shoots, and the concept of the circular economy, reducing our waste and engaging with the local community so that unused creative materials are re-homed in schools, theatres, and local arts groups. The training was delivered by Tilly Ashton of Severn Screen with an encouraging approach to reaching our industry's net zero targets. 

It's important that rather than scaring businesses with statistics and seemingly unreachable goals, we discuss achievable methods going forward so that stakeholders can see the benefits of working to the Screen New Deal Transformation Plan - benefits that we will all eventually profit from. The training was relatable and understandable, rather than being overbearing, and it's easy to see a a way forward for the screen industries to adapt to the Plan.

UK Trade North America Roadshow

Cardiff - March 2023

This month the UK Trade North America Roadshow visited Tramshed Tech in Cardiff today. It was great catching up with fellow creatives and networking with delegates from UK Trade, the Welsh Government, the US State Department, Ellis Porter Immigration, and the Canadian Government.

It was good to learn about the political and economic relationships between the UK , USA & Canada and to be able to drop some knowledge bombs about the historical and cultural ties between our respective countries. The afternoon's sector-specific deep dive into Culture, Media & Sport opportunities for British companies looking to trade with America was inspiring, positive, motivating and productive

PRESS RELEASE: Expiry on Tubi TV

January 2023

2023 sees the release of Expiry on Tubi TV in North America as part of the distribution deal signed with Cinedigm/Cineverse. The release on the ad-supported platform is the first AVOD distribution deal for Expiry. Viewers in the USA and Canada can watch the movie free with ads using this link.

For more information, read the press release here: 

PRESS RELEASE_ UK Indie Sci-fi Expiry arrives on AVOD in North America.pdf

Business News Wales Article

January 2023

Huge thanks to Business News Wales for covering the Expiry distribution deal via the WaChing platform in South Africa. You can read their coverage over on the Business News Wales website with this link.

PRESS RELEASE: Welsh Film Finds Distribution Across Africa

December 2022

The year comes to a close with the news that Expiry has secured dsitribution in all 52 African territories through the new pay per view platform WaChing, launching this month in South Africa, and across the African continent as the platform rolls out in the coming years. For more information on the deal, check out the press release here:

PRESS RELEASE_ From Cardiff to Cape Town (1).pdf

Business News Wales Article

September 2022

The press coverage keeps coming, as Business News Wales reports on Expiry's release on Prime Video Direct in the UK! The film is now available for purchase and rental via Prime Video Direct (in the USA and Canada it's also available as part of the Amazon Prime subscription).

Click here to read the article on the Business News Wales website.

Entertainment South Wales Article

September 2022

Entertainment South Wales has also run the story of Expiry's release this month on Prime Video Direct in the UK. It's really encouraging to see the Welsh press supporting a home-grown indie movie!

Click here to read the coverage on Entertainment South Wales.

Nation Cymru Article

September 2022

Nation Cymru is the second Welsh press outlet to cover the UK release of Expiry on Prime Video Direct! The film is starting to generate a good amount of coverage in South Wales, which should help with building the audience figures.

Click here to read the story on the Nation Cymru website.

South Wales Argus Article

September 2022

The South Wales Argus is the first press outlet to run the story of Expiry's release on Prime Video Direct in the UK this month! Viewers in the UK can now rent or buy the film via the Amazon Prime app or website.

Click here to read more on the South Wales Argus website.

PRESS RELEASE: The Final Punchline on

August 2022

In 2011 Seraphim Pictures produced The Final Punchline, a short drama about a Welsh stand-up comedian dealing with a life-changing medical diagnosis. This year the Company is very proud to announce that The Final Punchline has secured worldwide distribution through the short film distributor! The film can be purchased for rental and download, or viewed as part of a monthly subscription to Sofy.

For more information, read the following press release:

PRESS RELEASE_ Worldwide Distribution for Cardiff Short Film.pdf

Disability Confident Commitment

December 2021

This month sees Seraphim Pictures sign up to the UK Government's Disability Confident scheme. The Company has now registered its commitment to inclusion and diversity in the workplace. Through its commitment to the Disability Confident scheme, Seraphim Pictures aims to increase understanding of disabilities, and challenge prevailing attitudes towards disability in the workplace.

Expiry Released in North America

February 2021

After a busy few months following Expiry's festival circuit appearances and considering a number of distribution offers following the film's screening at last year's Boston Sci-Fest, Seraphim Pictures and TG Films are proud to announce the film's release in North America through Cinedigm. Following a limited theatrical release, Expiry will be made available for download in the USA & Canada as well as in US Caribbean territories! This is the first of hopefully many such deals for the film.

Filming The Last Christmas Tree

Bridgend County - November 2020

With lockdown restrictions lifted, filming on our short film The Last Christmas Tree was finally able to take place in Cefn Cribwr, Bridgend County in South Wales. The short film starring Craig Gallivan (Stella, Footballer's Wives) and Ellen Jane-Thomas (Expiry, Strange Tales) was shot on location all in one day, thanks to the hard work and commitment of the cast and crew working within Covid safety guidelines. The guidelines have made film production all the more challenging, but it's imperitive that we keep working, and that people stay safe in the workplace.

Look out for more news on The Last Christmas Tree as it goes into post-production next year!

Expiry Screening at Boston Sci-Fest

Boston - February 2020

Our sci-fi drama Expiry, which was co-produced with TG Films is screening this month as part of the Official Selection of the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival. Expiry tells the story of a married couple who wake one morning to discover they can no longer physically touch, after an oppressive ruling authority considers their relationship to have "expired".

The film is showing at the Somerville Theatre on David Square, on Tuesday February 11th at 19:15.