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A couple living in a dystopian society that regulates relationships wakes up one morning to find they are no longer allowed to touch. Determined to stay together, they must search for a way to defy the system that controls their lives. How far will Jamie and Sofia go to save their union?

What The Critics Say:

"A small-scale sci-fi with a humanistic focus that has a lot to say about relationships in the modern world." - Tom Wilmot, UK Film Review

"A really interesting premise captures some of the uncertainty that the world faces in 2021. Worth a watch!" - Edmonton Movie Guide

What Audiences Are Saying:

"A well-crafted and ambitious debut feature film from Tom Gatley, “Expiry” presents a thought-provoking dystopia that uncannily feels more present than any sort of future." - Alina, Amazon UK Review

"...brilliantly produced and punches above its weight to show a non-so-distant world, where marriages and personal relationships are closely controlled and monitored by the all-seeing government...." - Emil, Amazon UK Review