I Am Dracula


A documentary film featuring conversations with the closest living relatives of the historical Dracula, and the people with a claim to the name.

Dracula. The name invokes the same common images: coffins, crucifixes, sharp fangs, blood. In literature, film and television the man as a monster has seduced people all over the world with his story of murder and blood lust. Whilst it is well-known that Bram Stoker based his fictional Count on a Fifteenth Century Romanian prince, what happened to the Dracula line afterwards is unclear. Among the people in Romania cashing in on the Dracula dollar there are many who claim to be the descendants of the historical 'vampire'. 

Though no direct lineage is confirmed to exist, how close can we get to the bloodline of the original Pount Dracula? I Am Dracula investigates the history and bloodline of the real Dracula, Wladislaus “Ţepeş” (“The Impaler”) Drakulya, a voivode or elected-prince who ruled Wallachia in the Fifteenth Century. I Am Dracula concerns itself with those individuals living in today's Romania who claim ancestry from the “Draculesti”.

I Am Dracula has long been in development for Seraphim Pictures, as both a television documentary and feature-film. The project is due to resume active development in early 2026. You can follow developments on IMDbPro with this link.