When Two Worlds Collide


A co-production with Toad Abode Productions scheduled for filming in 2024.

When Two Worlds Collide is the debut feature film from award-winning writer-director-producer Rhys Freeman, and a co-production with Toad Abode Productions. The film is an unconventional romance set in contemporary London and Cornwall about the role Fate plays in the romantic entanglement of two familiar strangers, Peter Dupont and Emma Smith, as their lives repeatedly intertwine. When Two Worlds Collide follows Peter as he struggles to accept that not everything in life goes according to plan, and some things must be left up to Destiny. The film is a love story for Gen-Z about the interconnected relationships between creatives. 

Peter and Emma ‘first’ meet in the rain on a December night, on the steps of Emma’s independent London theatre, without realising their worlds had collided twice before. Retracing their steps, they gamble on the small chance that Fate is playing its hand, which is seemingly confirmed when they coincidentally bump into one another the following summer in Cornwall and finally embark on a relationship. Love wouldn’t be love without its challenges, as the past traumas of the Dupont family threaten to disrupt Peter’s swift yet deep romance with Emma. As the repercussions of Peter’s past shatter Emma’s present, their future is seemingly doomed, and life comes full circle as Peter realises that the best laid plans really do go to waste.

Sometimes it’s necessary to surrender to Fate and trust the process in order to manifest true happiness. When Two Worlds Collide asks the audience to consider whether Fate or our own conscious actions have the greater affect on our romantic attachments. The film is currently in Active Development, attaching cast and crew elements in advance of 2024's film markets. You can follow the project on IMDb Pro with this link.