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The film industry training scheme that brought the company directors together resulted in a three-part documentary series for ITV Wales in 2005, and so it was always the intention that Seraphim Pictures would one day branch out into series formats. The rise of streaming platforms and advent of SVOD and AVOD downloads has created a space for affordable series production in both fiction and factual, with greater opportunities for worldwide distribution. The Company currently has the following series in development for distribution in 2021-22:

A History of the Welsh in America (2022)

A six-part documentary series narrated in both Welsh & English about the influence of Welsh culture on the USA throughout history. Each 10-15 minute episode will focus on a different period in Welsh-American history, examining how the Welsh diaspora expanded across the United States, permeating every social strata, and evaluating the Welsh impact on the country from the founding of the Union to the present day.

Cariboo Cymry (2022)

In December 1862 a group of 26 men calling themselves "The Company of Welsh Adventurers" left Wales and travelled to Canada to try their luck in the Cariboo Gold Rush. Led by former army officer John Evans, the men recovered only $450 worth of gold at a cost of over $26,000. In the approach to the 160th anniversary of their journey, Welsh writer-producer Daniel Lyddon and Welsh chef Ben Parker will follow the Cariboo Trail in an effort to discover what went wrong, in this travelogue series inspired by Welsh-Canadian history.

Food For Thought (2021)

An eight-part culinary documentary series forinternet streaming that sees talent from the fields of nutrition, mental health, sport, fitness and wellbeing coming together to discuss the impact of food on men’s mental health. Food For Thought is a series that addresses attitudes to nutrition and men’s mental health, tackling issues such as toxic masculinity in an informal environment, presented in an easily-accessible manner to the audience. Each episode features a healthy meal prepared by Welsh chef Ben Parker that is served to a small group of guests who gather to talk about nutrition and health.