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It is the ambition of most film production companies to move into feature films at some point. We celebrated our fifteenth anniversary this year with the release of tee sci-fi feature Expiry, a co-production with TG Films, which was distributed throughout North America by Cinedigm. We currently have two documentary features, I Am Dracula and A Whale of A Time, in pre-production and development respectively, with prospective release dates for both in 2022.

I Am Dracula (2022)

I Am Dracula Teaser PosterConversations with the living relatives of the historical Dracula, the 14th Century Wallachian Voivode, Vlad the Impaler. This film will portray the true history of the Draculesti bloodline in a narrative documentary style. I Am Dracula also questions what is more important, the bloodline, or the name, and whether lineage outranks heritage. Executive-produced by Yeo Entertainment of Singapore, the film will be released in time for the 125th anniversary of the publication of Dracula by Bram Stoker in 2022.

A Whale of a Time (2022)

A standalone documentary that examines the lasting effect of the Free Willy franchise on orca captivity, conservation, and our understanding of the blackfish in the wild. The 1993 release of Warner Bros’ Free Willy featured an animal that could never be a pet, but was nevertheless often captured and exploited for human entertainment. As the franchise raised awareness of the plight of the orca population, what is the legacy of Free Willy, beyond the eventual emancipation of its star, the captive orca Keiko? The film is currently in development, seeking streaming distribution.

Expiry (2021)

Expiry Movie PosterJamie and Sofia Cooper’s marriage is on the rocks when they wake up one morning to discover that they can no longer touch. Living in a not-too-distant future society where the authorities dictate the validity of relationships, what lengths will they go to in order to preserve their union?

Filmed in South Wales, director Tom Gatley’s debut feature has been called “a very well-executed sci-fi that has a compelling message” (UK Film Review) that “captures some of the uncertainty that the world faces in 2021” (Edmonton Movie Guide). The film is now available for sales in territories outside of North America via our new sales platform.